Huile Essentielle De Camphre

The city Santiago de Compostela is Galicia region’s capital. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit this city every year. The UNESCO has declared the city center as a heritage world site. There are many reasons to visit this city, whether its youthful atmosphere or stunning architecture. There are 44,000 students who enroll in Santiago’s university every year which is probably the reason why the city has the young spirit. You can also enjoy the nightlife there that does not end until the early hours of the morning. During the summer and spring, there are open terraces everywhere that you can enjoy relaxing in and having a delicious meal. Art, culture and natural scenery are also common in Santiago.

Everywhere you go you will find plenty of gardens where you can stroll or enjoy the beautiful weather. There are also surrounding cliffs and mountains where you can engage in different sports such as fishing and hiking. You should also visit the old quarter and the Franco Street. This street will lead you to all the different restaurants where you can enjoy the delicious cuisine. Traditional cuisine is not only served there, you can also head to San neighborhood, Rua Street and Ensanche which is the newest area in the city. These places usually offer traditional Spanish cuisine and seafood cuisine. However, if you are a meat lover or would like to try other international cuisines such as Arabic food, head to the churrasquería where everything is available to satisfy your taste buds.

If you would like to indulge in a little shopping and spoil yourself, there are different shops and malls selling everything from jewelry and clothes to souvenirs. Make sure you pick up souvenirs while you are there as you will want to remember this amazing vacation. All year round, there are different festivals and cultural events going on vakantiehuis spanje. However, the weekend is when everything becomes alive. Everyone starts going out around nine to have an early dinner and then they head to one of the nightclubs to dance their night away. Most of the places are in the new area of town, but there are hidden fun places in the old area of town as well. When you visit the cathedral squares, you will enjoy live performances by talented artists and of course the university bands that play different types of music.

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