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Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.1 VM remplacement du joint culasse

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Remplacement joint de culasse sur Jeep Grand-Cherokee 3.1 TD (moteur VM)... quelle galère !!


  • 1. tabelle ????
  • 2. @ brian they aint crap, look after it and you have low maintenance engine that will chug on for miles
  • 3. Didnt understand any of the text, but been there with my 3.1TD! Theyre a marmite engine, personally I love mine. That mileage at the end!
  • 4. @feelyouremotions Merçi beacoup for the explanation, i'll be looking at that. And i'll tell you what happened at the end. Au revoir.
  • 5. @rrjavierr I'm very glad to see that everything is OK :)) and sorry for this very late answer...
  • 6. slt quelle est l'astuce pour l'ecrou de fixation du collecteur qui se trouve derriere le turbo. merci d'avance laurent
  • 7. pour info, Viki1AprilBorn, voilà 2 liens que j'avais trouvés où il y a pas mal d'infos sur le "4 pattes", qu'il soit Jeep ou Land Rover ;-)
  • 8. @rrjavierr no need to move the motor, but you just have some millimetres to take the fourth and fith head off ! I bought gaskets and bolt in a specialized shop ( it depends from a shop line witch is called "ad" (it means "Auto Distribution") in France.
  • 9. pas de variation de la température moteur indiquée au tableau de bord ? une lésion du joint de culasse commence souvent par la présence de bulles de gaz (gaz de combustion sous pression) dans le liquide de refroidissement, sans traces d'huiles avant que le problème s'aggrave dans un second temps. Après un problème de culasse fissurée ou de chemise peut commencer de la même façon (tout dépend de la localisation de la fissure)...
  • 10. That would be very helpfull! :-) Thanks! :-) My e-mail is hijertne(at)
  • 11. @tuguybear no it is not to late to help yet....the engine has never been over 100 degree´s C, the 3 years I have owned it, but when driving uphill, its usually very near 100 degree´s C...can that be the reason why the head cracked?...I did check all 5 heads and did find only 1 cracked I have ordered 1 cylinderhead, gasked and bolts, and a thermostat...about the wather bottle is a good idea, that I am going to it good annough to flush the radiator with clean water?
  • 12. message sent ;-)
  • 13. @oyli72 Very glad for You to hear it :))))
  • 14. @rrjavierr Yes I identified the order of the cylinders (idem with pushrods) to be sure to respect the respective wear of the rocker arms and pushrods. But in fact in this type of old diesel engine with pushrods, it's not as important as with a petrol competition engine. Maybe your engine will be a bit more noisy. Be sure that no valve keeps opened when it should be shut, but I dont think it is possible with a bit worn engine. Kind regards :))
  • 15. Piece of shit engine.
  • 16. I wonder, if I do change only one cylinderhead. will the jeep then drive maybe a few months, then a another head will crack? can anyone come with a good answhere?:)
  • 17. Merci beaucoup for that video. You had to move the motor down to take off the heads more inside the car? Where did you buy the gaskets and the bolts?
  • 18. Hello! GREAT video! :-) I am doing the same job now, but I can`t find any info on the tourqe and secuence for tightening the head bolts. I noticed that you had a picture of that in your video. Could you send me that picture if possible? Also; did you use new bolt?
  • 19. Last night i think i made one of the biggest mistakes of my life! I changed the coolant in my 3.1TD but the engine was obviously hotter than i thought! I refilled the system with cold water to flush it again but when i tried to start the engine there was a massive bang and the engine cut out. It wont start anymore. Any suggestions? Did i kill the engine for good? :(
  • 20. @rrjavierr congratulations !! that's what we call "system D" in France :)))
  • 21. Hello I have a 2.5L VM in a voyager and i have the same smptoms as you show at the beginning, with the black oil coming out of the header tank. where you able to fix the problem by changing the heads? or was it another problem? thanks , Emil
  • 22. @feelyouremotions the cylinder heads are very expencive to these cars, so I have to find a way to locate the broken one, I dont belive all 5 heads are broken...any idea how to do this? did you change the cylinder head bolts?
  • 23. oui je veux bien la photo : merci d'avance laurent
  • 24. A l'époque j'ai également désespérément cherché une notice concernant le 3.1... en vain ; les seules sources : 2.4 ou 2.5. J'ai par ailleurs si tu as besoin (j'avais déjà mis le lien plus bas) le schéma de procédure et d'ordre de serrage des boulons de culasse (boulons à remplacer impérativement par des neufs, ils ne supportent guère plus d'un voire au maximun deux serrages). Bon courage, yves ;-)
  • 25. now my car is driving fine...I did change one cylinderhead, the one no 5, headgasked, bolts and the thermostad and I did flush out the radiator...I think the VM engine is relative easy to work on...the cylinderhead was an overhouled one, I hope it is as good as a new one:)